Glendowie Christian Kindergarten


Glendowie Christian Kindergarten is run by an independent trust that is closely linked to our church.

Glendowie Christian kindergarten was opened in 1996 by a group of visionaries in order to provide high quality early childhood education and care within a Christian environment.  Today it is a happy and busy centre where children benefit from the small group sizes and high teacher/child ratios, ensuring maximum direct contact time with adults, and minimum competition for resources and time.  All of these factors together ensure that children attending this centre receive a quality early childhood education.

Enquiries can be directed to Kim at 09 575 2971 or visit

About GCK

GCK provides quality care and education for your child in the context of Christian principles.

GCK provides a programme of play and learning designed to encourage your child to gain the most from their early childhood years in a fun, warm and caring environment.  Your child can begin at GCK between 2½ and 3 years of age depending on the availability of places.

They may then stay with us until 5, working their way through to our specially designed ‘Focus Fun Club’ programme for children over 4, which are held in the afternoon sessions.  Here your child can take their first steps towards independence in a safe and supportive environment, and learn about friendship and companionship with others.

All of our teachers are fully trained and registered and we operate a high teacher-child ratio.